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Auto Insurance is not the same everywhere. At Aljane Insurance we will take the time to explain your coverage's, making sure our clients select the the proper coverage for their Auto Insurance needs.

First you should determine the coverage you need and the amount of coverage. We will offer quotes on several programs and explain the differences. While there are no guarantees with any coverage you select the idea is to select the right coverage based on your individual exposure and budget. We will also explain various coverages offered that provide protection in several areas. As an example Comprehensive coverage under your auto insurance policy provides Fire and Theft coverage for your vehicle, but also provides Glass and Rental coverage if a covered auto Insurance loss occurs.Personal Injury Protection provides coverage for medical bills as well as 75% of lost wages if injuries occur during a covered auto Insurance loss.

Today's auto insurance rates are determined by many factors such as driver experience, vehicle make and use, garaging location, coverage's selected, and so on. 

That is why it is extremely important that you contact an insurance professional ...We can certainly provide you with a quote over the phone but we would like to meet with you and review your concerns. Many time after a review we can save you hundreds of dollars on coverage that may not be necessary.

Boat & Yacht 
Whether it be a private boat, Cruiser, or Yacht Aljane Insurance has the right coverage for you. 

Motorcycle Insurance  

When summer approaches it is a great time to register that motorcycle. Give us a call and we will review your insurance coverage. We will make sure you have the proper coverage so you and any GUESTS will be protected.

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