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Commercial Insurance For Contractors


402 Salem Street Medford, MA 02155
Est. Since 1974
Commercial Insurance for Building, Liability Insurance, Commercial Vehicles,& Employee Group Benefits

We will review your coverage based on location and perform a cost analysis, There may be exposures you have overlooked 

that we can bring to your attention."Not all business organizations are the same, and as a result time must be

taken by a Insurance professional to evaluate the Commercial Insurance exposures

and needs. We take pride in our service with over 25 years of business

experience making sure that if disaster strikes you and your business will be


We have some special Commercial Insurance programs for Contractors, Painters, and Small business

Commercial Contractors and Landscapers Insurance Protection
Comprehensive General Liability including Products and Completed Operations Coverage. Certificates are provided promptly and we offer a variety if Insurance carriers and many A+ Rated Carriers

Commercial Property & Liability
Insurance & Workers Compensation

Protects you business against building loss, lawsuits, contents & equipment,Loss of Income,Accounts Receivable coverage,Employee Dishonesty, premise & contractual liability, & much more under your business insurance policy.
Payroll and number of employees are calculated making sure the right class code is chosen when rating which can save thousands of dollars annually.

Errors & Omissions Coverage

Commercial Insurance Coverage which is essential in protecting your business should any employee or officer fail to perform or omit a request or procedure which results in a company loss.


Commercial Insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance is our Specialty 

Call us ...  781-391-3240

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