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ease contact us with any question or concerns. If you have a service or insurance problem you may contact Jack Bono the General Manager at Aljane at extension 203. We also offer Life Insurance and Disability Income Insurance products for your convenience.

If you have an auto or home question or would like a quote please contact our office for a comparison with your current carrier. If you would like one of our representatives to come out to your resident or place of business an appointment may be scheduled with Jack Bono. We want to help you select the right coverage at the right price and we take great pride in the professional service we offer at this time.

Todays Insurance environment has changed and Aljane Insurance has recently renovated and updated our office with the latest technology equipment to serve you better. Aljane Insurance Inc has over 40 years of Insurance experience and we are here to stay.

                        We Value Your Business And Are Always Available
                            To Answers Your Questions Or Concerns.

                               Our Office Hours Are As Follows:

                                Monday  9am-5pm
                                Tuesday 9am-5pm 
                                Wednesday 9am-5pm 
                                Thursday 9am-5pm 
                                Friday 9am-4pm 

                  Saturday & Evenings By Appointment
                  Contact Jack Bono to schedule an appointment

                         Office Staff ... 781-391-3240

Janine Bandino          President
Jack Bono                  Operations Manager     X203
Allison Noble             Account Executive        X205
Jim O'Brien                Senior Broker                 X208

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We provide these links to help assist you and locating an answer to your questions. You certainly may contact us directly at Aljane to discuss any Insurance need. We hope these links are helpful.



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