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"A Home Purchase is perhaps your Biggest Investment"

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There is so m
uch to do when you purchase your home or condo and not enough time in the day. At Aljane Insurance we make every effort to at least simplify the process of obtaining home insurance coverage. We will even contact your mortgage company to coordinate the binder documents and closing date so there are no surprises. For many people the biggest investment in their lifetime is the purchase of their home or condo. That is why it is extremely important for the homeowner to speak with a professional agent to discuss home insurance and condo insurance coverage. We have over 40 years insurance experience and will help you choose the correct coverage.

We will explain your special coverage options allowing our client to decide what is the right coverage, rather than offering a standard program. Umbrella Insurance coverage will be explained and discussed to see if this makes sense at this time to be added to your home insurance program. Some companies offer Pet (Dog and Cat) injury coverage covering Veterinary fees, cell phone replacement,and personal belongings coverage. If you have us quote and write your auto insurance and home insurance program we can apply maximum discounts which will provide a substantial savings in your overall program.

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